Natural Cures For Kidney Failure – Ways To Reverse Kidney Failure

Natural cures for kidney failure are available if you are suffering from this condition and you do not wish to go through dialysis or kidney transplant. The kidney is responsible for flushing the dirt in the body as a result of metabolism. In the case of kidney failure, the kidney is unable to perform this vital function which causes the retention of waste materials in the body such as Creatinine, urine, etc.

There are two types of kidney failure: acute kidney failure and chronic kidney failure. Natural cures for kidney failure include changing your diet. Foods rich in sodium should be lessened or avoided. A damaged kidney is unable to flush sodium and potassium out of the body which leads to the imbalance of electrolytes. Consumption of salty foods can further aggravate the situation.

High carbohydrate diet is recommended if you experience kidney failure as it helps breakdown tissue proteins. When your kidney fails, it is unable to remove the protein waste in the body due to the decline of Nephrons which are responsible for filtering protein wastes. To reduce protein wastes, you are advised to refrain from consuming protein-rich foods.

Natural cures kidney failure

Natural Treatments To Reverse Kidney Failure

When you are diagnosed with kidney failure, there are natural cures for kidney failure that you can try to help fast track your healing.

• Radish – Radish is one of the natural cures for kidney failure as it helps cleanse the kidney by eliminating harmful substances. Therefore, it helps your kidney recover faster and keeps it healthier. Drink a quarter liter of radish juice twice in a day to help heal your damaged kidney.

• Apples – Apples are known for their many health benefits such as lower blood cholesterol, prevents heart disease, prevents constipation and lowers the risk of cancer. Apples are also great for people suffering from kidney failure due to their anti-inflammatory properties and rich fiber content. You can cook it with onions for a healthy apple omelet breakfast, make some baked apples, apple pie or apple cake, make some apple cider or apple sauce, some apple juice or simply eat it raw.

• Dandelion – Dandelion herbs has been traditionally used for a thousand years for increasing the production and excretion of urine due to its diuretic properties. It boosts kidney health and promotes the treatment of kidney failure. Dandelion capsules are available in herbal stores and pharmacies and must be taken twice a day but should not go beyond 4 to 5 days of use.

• Cranberries – Cranberries are known for their antibacterial properties. Three glasses of cranberry juice every day helps prevent bacteria from accumulating in the bladder wall. In addition, cranberries also help prevent cancer and protect against heart disease.

• Olive Oil – Olive oil is rich in the anti-inflammatory acid known as oleic acid. This monounsaturated fat found in olive oil contains Ployphenols that reduces inflammation and antioxidant compounds that prevent oxidation.

• Aged Garlic Extract (Allium Sativum) – Aged garlic extract helps boost the immune system and detoxifies the body by activating superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione. Take 600mg once or twice daily to help your kidney revive.

• Fluid Replacement – Your fluid intake must be a little more than the amount of your urine but not too much. Your body must stay hydrated to prevent further kidney damage. Taking fluids also promote frequent and better passing of urine which helps clear the kidney of wastes and promote kidney health.

Although natural cures for kidney failure are available, it is better to safeguard your kidneys early on. Kidney failure is hard to diagnose especially on its early stages so prevention matters the most.

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